"Regulation ..."
Split ep with Cock And Ball Torture



SB songs:

1. Intro
2. Wo-man
3. Regulation
4. Human Barbeque
5. Pseudo Faces
6. Shit in W.C.
7. MIP
8. Right to Live
9. Multinational Corporations
(Napalm Death cover)


OLEK: drums, vocals
ZBYCH: guitars, vocals
ARTUR: bass, vocals

Recorded and mixed at Salman studio 6/98
2-6 tracks remastering: 2/99
7-9 tracks recorded: Death Live - A.C.K. Bialystok 95
Engineering: Adrian Grassman


Special thanks:

Leszek (old guitarist)
Mariusz (old voices)
Krzysiek (old drummer)
Guys from SQUASH BOWELS (1994-1998)